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The goal of Tahoe Creative Solutions, is to create a unique and captivating atmosphere that facilitates a visitor's prolonged stay on a given page. Websites that do not properly brand themselves and clearly present information about their products and services throughout the layout of their website will maintain a lower volume of visitors than those whom have put effort into the website design.

When a person navigates your site they are interacting with your business. Their subconscious is constantly evaluating your business based on the experience they are having. A clean, easy-to-navigate design will attract a much bigger audience than a cluttered, overly busy website.

Another key factor to a successful web design is to make sure that your content is informative and engaging. To be more precise, your visitors should not have to think about what the purpose of the website is, or worse, how to use it. They should intuitively grasp your message through strong and clear calls to action, as well as be able to navigate through clear menu architecture within seconds of landing on your web page.

Before the design of a new site can begin, you must produce a plan with your Tahoe Web Design company. Writing content for your website is crucial. While you may not have all the articles or copy written before you begin your web design, you should have a good idea of what content you want on the site and where you want the articles, headers, and general content to be located. Additional relevant factors that play a major role in a successful Website Design plan are strategically developing Meta tags, keywords, and on-page SEO.

Here are some of the basic questions any client should ask themselves before planning a website design project:

  • What does your company represent?
  • What services does your company offer?
  • Who is the company's target audience?
  • Do you have a logo or branding identity?
  • What would you like your website to achieve?
  • Who are some of your competitors and what do you like about their websites?
  • What design elements and functional preferences do you need for your site?

Bottom line, your goal is to create a website that is designed so that people are intrigued and want to stay to see what you have to offer and buy what you have for sale. All of these elements should be brought into play when creating a preliminary web design sketch layout that conveys realistic design harmony and meets the clients' needs. Tahoe Creative Solutions takes a simple and quality approach, coupled with developing effective and original work.

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Tahoe Creative Solutions is a full-service Inbound Marketing & Web Design Agency located in the heart of Lake Tahoe. We specialize in Inbound Marketing including search engine optimization, Local Search Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

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